Summer driving tips

With the longest day almost upon us, you’ll likely be heading off to enjoy the sunshine. Whether you’re going for a day trip or travelling further afield, we’ve put together some tips so you can make the most out of summer driving.

Get prepared

Get your trip off to a good start by cooling your car down before you get in it. Whether you like to be old-school and roll the windows down or choose to have the air con on full blast, let  your car cool down first for a more comfortable journey.

If you’ve got the opportunity to park in the shade, this is a great way of avoiding a baking-hot vehicle. As well as this, make sure your engine coolant is topped up as engines can get extremely hot in the summertime, especially when stuck in a traffic jam.

You might be heading off early morning, so pack your car up the night before to make good time. With the All New RAV4’s roof rails, you won’t have to worry about storage space, and can take everything you need and more - from surfboards to canoes to bicycles.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and dizziness so be sure you’re in top form at the wheel by drinking plenty of fluids. On longer journeys, take plenty of cold water for you and your passengers.

Though it’s better than nothing, drinking warm water on an equally warm day isn’t that enjoyable, so put a couple of bottles in your freezer the night before which can defrost during the journey. 

You might have four-legged friends joining you on route who will feel the heat more than you, so be sure all humans and canines are catered for. The All New RAV4 can be personalised with dog guards and dividers so you’re reassured everyone’s comfortable.

Avoid the glare

Driving in the sunshine is undoubtedly the best type of driving, but the sun’s glare can make it difficult to see. Don’t let it affect your driving by always keeping your sunglasses on hand. When the sun goes behind the clouds (as it probably will in the UK!) don’t forget to take them off again.

In dry weather, your windscreen is prone to getting dirty, and any marks will amplify the sun’s glare. Keeping windscreen washer fluid topped up will help you keep a clear view in the sun.

Plan your route

There’s nothing worse than getting lost on new roads, especially when you’re designated driver. But this shouldn’t stop you from exploring new ground, just be sure to have a sat nav, fully-charged phone or good old map in the near vicinity.  

The All New Rav4’s Toyota Touch® 2 with Go Navigation features full colour 3D mapping, voice recognition and text-to-speech, priding itself on safety. Just tell the system where you want to go and it’ll provide you with real-time updates, speed limit and camera warnings.

If you’re heading to a festival, barbeque or beer garden, consider how you’re getting home if you might fancy a drink. Summer drink driving is a major problem in the UK and it’s not worth the risk. Before heading out to a social event, plan your transport home. This way, you can enjoy the hot weather without putting lives at risk.

Make a playlist

Whether your go-to is Summer of ’69, Club Tropicana or The Pina Colada Song, putting your favourite singalong songs into one playlist will make standstill traffic that less boring. It also means you don’t have to faff around changing the radio station or skipping songs that come on shuffle.

Just don’t let the music distract you from driving; at this time of year, there are more cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians taking to the roads. Be especially vigilant at junctions and roundabouts  –  this doesn’t have to stop you from jamming to your summer tunes! What’s your guilty pleasure?

The All New RAV 4 is the ideal travel companion this summer. Fit for any terrain, the RAV 4 comes in both 4-wheel and 2-wheel drive, suitable from Norfolk’s winding country lanes to the Highlands’ mountainous landscapes. Perhaps you’re heading abroad which can be costly in a car, but with the RAV4’s hybrid technology, you can save on fuel and have more to spend! 


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