Scunthorpe John Roe secures funding for St Luke’s

John Roe’s Scunthorpe dealership has successfully secured £1800 funding for St Luke’s Primary, a purpose-built day school for children with special education needs and disabilities.

Since the John Roe business was first established, a high level of importance has been placed on supporting local communities and projects.  In recent years, John Roe Grimsby raised funds for a hydrotherapy pool at Humberston Park School and Scunthorpe are now following in their footsteps. St Luke’s Primary have always had a close relationship with Scunthorpe John Roe and are based just across the road from the Grange Lane North dealership.

Earlier this year, their bond strengthened when they were offered the opportunity to enter the Dream Car Competition. This was a time which brought to light the improvements desperately needed to be made to the school. Having applied to Toyota’s Charitable Trust shortly after, John Roe Scunthorpe has successfully secured funding from Toyota for St Luke’s Primary.

This will first and foremost go towards the outdoor playground, which will be transformed with a musical garden. While this will encourage children to spend time outside in the summer months, it will help them develop their creative skills and provide a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment which is focused on learning and progress.

Currently attended by 126 pupils, the school is the only one in North Lincolnshire for this age range. But some of it isn’t accessible to all. That’s why some of the funding will go towards improving the ground which is unsuitable for many of the children. Resurfacing uneven ground with specialist surfacing will mean children with wheelchairs and supported walking frames can have ease of access around the school.

In the future, further funding could enable the build of a multi-use area which will encourage sports, movement and mobility. John Roe Toyota are passionate about encouraging a better way of life for the children at St Luke’s, with no restrictions to what they can achieve, but often this is difficult without funding.

Big dreams start small and Toyota believes in Mobility For All, which is why John Roe Toyota will continue to support St Luke’s Primary. Across Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Hull, John Roe are always looking to back local communities and projects. Any donations towards further improvements would be greatly appreciated, ensuring St Luke’s has everything it needs to continually provide children with the best facilities to develop their learning and allow every child with the opportunity to flourish.